As a leading manufacturer, Divine Menu Covers offers a wide range of menu covers with various styles and sizes. In order to assist you, we have developed MENU COVERS 101.


The first step is to decide how many pages (views) you would like your menu cover to hold. This will determine what style will suit your needs best. If you are looking to achieve 1 – 6 views we recommend our triangular corner or retainer bar style. For 4 – 12 views, please look at our Elastic Braid, Exposed Chicago Screw, Concealed Chicago Screw and Ring Binder.

Sheet Size

Once you have decided what style works best for you, let us know what sheet you would like. As a custom manufacturer, we design the menu covers to fit your sheets. Many establishments pick standard sizes for ease of printing such as:

5.5”W x 8.5”H (Letter sheet in half horizontally)
8.5”W x 11”H (Letter sheet)
4.25”W x 11”H (Letter sheet in half vertically)
8.5”W x 14”H (Legal sheet)
4.25”W x 14”H (Legal sheet in half vertically)
Custom sizes available upon request!

Cover Material

Divine Menu Covers sources cover materials from around the world with various colours and textures. You can view our most popular materials by clicking the link below. Custom cover materials available upon request.


We are able to decorate your menu covers with three different processes:


With a combination of heat and pressure, we create a permanent imprint of your logo onto the menu covers. Similar to branding on hide, de-bossing leatherette leaves an impression that looks rich and polished. It is a more subtle but equally elegant.


Similar to the blind de-boss, foil stamping is used to acheive colour in your logo.This is done using a combination of heat and pressure with a layer of foil for single colours. Foil stamping commonly uses metallic colours and is a great way to leave an unforgettable impression that will not go unnoticed.


The best method to apply multiple colours in any shape or size to your menu covers. PMS colour match available.

Enhance any menu covers with the following options: